HTAA Membership

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Joining HTAA is FREE and Provides Discounts & Services.

You are taking a key step toward improving your personal health and wellness and contributing to a Healthier Trucking Industry.  HTAA is the first nationwide association every formed for the purpose of helping America’s professional drivers live longer lives.  Your membership will provide you with a long list of benefits for you and your family, especially since we offer the same membership to your spouse as well.  HTAA recognizes that is is not just the driver but the driver’s family as well who live on the road.  Your family is as important as you are.

What you can expect

Some of the benefits include a Discount Prescription Card  that can be used by any member of your family and HTAA discounts on numerous products and services including; Vision and Dental Discount Programs.  Complete the form below and you will receive our updated Benefits Guide.

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